Regrets I’ve had a few…..Think before you pose

As an administrator of various social media windows I am barraged by email and messages regarding some of our posted material. At some of our venues we have professional photographers on busy nights taking “papparazzi” shots for inclusion in our advertising.  Generally, these photos are posted on Monday and by Monday afternoon the emails begin.


Please remove picture 6, 9, 12 – That was not my girlfriend.  (Then please don’t have your picture taken posing.)

Can you you unpost pic 74, 78, 90.   They do not show my true self.  (Who exactly are you?)

Can you photoshop my zit out of the picture (121).  It looks hideous.  (Concealer before the club would help.)

Would it be possible to crop the guy out on the left.  He was not really with us? (I hate tag alongs too)


My point is that people want their picture taken in the moment but later on regret its publication.  For some regrettees it is  a case of narcissism.  For others it is a case of self preservation.  For some it is a realization of  how much their privacy is really worth.  Next time someone pulls out a camera or a phone to take a picture consider whether you really want to to be in the shot.  In this day and age posted material exists in the bowels of cyberspace – FOREVER.  Somewhere, even after their removal, messages and pics on social media sites exist into perpetuity.  They may yet haunt you.  So THINK BEFORE YOU POSE.


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