A Feast to Remember


Chateaubriand for two. A one hour gastronomic miracle I prepare once a year. No special occasion required just a great meal with my wife. Every meal I prepare with one goal in mind – satisfying the palate. The key ingredient I like to say is love. When you love what you do, and who you are with, life is much sweeter and the resultant satisfaction is magnified.

In life, there are no re-writes, no practices, no rewinds. Life is a one act play with no intermission. The audience is full of two types of people: those who love you and those that critique your actions. Never play to the critics. Play to the ones you love.  Collect all the ingredients you need and create a culinary feast. Treat life like that amazing meal you have once in a while. Enjoy the company you keep each and every day and savour the satisfaction of knowing them and experiencing them.

The other night, my wife and I had dinner with some family that lasted almost three hours but each second was cherished for the company, camaraderie and great conversation. The meal was a tapestry of different Mexican dishes with a variety of textures, colours and flavours.  The wine was aplenty and the dessert ever so delectable.  The tequila, poured and shared by the owner and his wife was beyond comparison. The man who created the meals loves to cook and loves his customers and it really shows in his culinary creations. The food was awesome in taste and presentation but what really made the dinner was that the one group drove through blizzard conditions so as not to miss the opportunity to commune and celebrate family and my Name Day – this was an expression of love. These are the moments that are to be relished and cached for future times when you may need a happy thought to revitalize yourself.

My next meal need not be Chateaubriand, or a Mexican dinner.  If I am with my wife or other loved ones it will be another feast to remember.

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