The Scene Makers

From my earliest days I have enjoyed taking photographs. A camera provides an instant capture of a moment for later reminiscence. I have taken thousands and thousands of photos over 40 years. The old days of film photography involved the patience of Job in waiting for development; while now, with digital technology, there is instant feedback to slake my thirst for the capture. Almost as much as I like taking photos I enjoy looking at the photos takien by others wanting to see what they saw at that moment when they captured it. Several years back, I got to meet three photographers one afternoon at a photography show whose views of the world completely floored me. I now follow their work online and get to see the world through their lenses. Each of the three image artists has a different specialty they excel at which capture the moments and freeze them in perpetuity to be enjoyed when viewed at a later date.

Voula Monoholias is a street photographer, she captures the life frames that too many people walk by normally without noticing. In an instant Voula focuses the image and allows the viewer to reconstruct the tableau, or even write their own story of what Voula saw and captured.  She has photos from all her distant travels, each with a story of their own.

Tony Koukos, is a force of nature powered by good coffee drank in locales around the world.  He captures all aspects of the places he visits  (at last count over 50 countries) finding in each the natural beauty that enthralls the person lucky enough to view one of his images.  From the white and blue roof tops of Santorini,to the dusty, red dunes of Morocco and across the globe to the ancient ruins of Thailand, Tony has blazed a trail most could never find the energy to do so. From the most interesting and ideal angles Tony brings the world to the viewer. Tony sees design in his travels and replicates his eye in a variety of mediums.

Dean Tatooles, is modern explorer hunting treasure with a camera. Whether it is crawling along the ice to capture penguins in Antarctica, or hanging from a helicopter in the beautiful South Pacific, Dean is not afraid to get dirty and uncomfortable to get the shot. His landscapes are incredibly dreamy and his nature shots of animals are beyond comparison bringing the beasts into the very space you occupy.

dean 1

Dean Tatooles





Voula Monoholias









Tony Koukos










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