A wee dram…and no more

balvenieMany years ago I discovered this scotch at a steakhouse in Las Vegas. A great run at the blackjack table necessitated the best steak dinner be consumed. In support of my digesting the 50 oz porterhouse, an old-school waiter with the traditional white butcher’s jacket, recommended the Balvenie Portwood. After partnering the amber nectar with a long, thick gauged Fuente Opus X cigar the malt danced on my palate. It has stayed with me ever since then.  

If only a wee dram is to be had then let it be Balvenie Portwood. This 21 year old single malt calls across the windy heath to be swirled in a chilled snifter and sipped with fine company or memories.

The master distiller at Balvenie marries the rare scotch with port casks and patiently bides his time waiting for the right maturation of character and body.

Tasting Notes


A scent of ripened fruit wafts from the glass.  Breathe in the perfume of this malt and perhaps raisins come to mind.


On the tip of the tongue the scotch is creamy, almost silky and transforms into sweet honey and hints of spice near the back.  The taste lingers on the palate long enough to imprint its body.


Long on the finish this scotch bids farewell gently leaving a nutty reminder of its visit.

I prefer this particular scotch in a chilled glass with a few drops of water to open up the bouquet.




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