Let it snow…



If you live in the northern climes, and own a home and not a condominium you are obligated by nature to occasionally shovel snow.  The snowbanks get higher and higher and your frustration of having to find a spot for the new fallen snow can increase dramatically with each new inch deposited.  This morning, I awoke to yet another “must shovel” situation.  I had shoveled the night before and now again I found myself with three shovels attacking the night’s icy blanket.  It took about an hour but once again I cleared the snow and marveled at my work of snow removal.

I equate snow shoveling to life.  In life, we sometimes are dealt a pile of snow we have to shovel our way out of.  The best part of shoveling in winter and in life is that there is spring and a fresh new day ahead. Each shovelful is one off of the total snow account and increases our satisfaction in the coming spring.  Keep shoveling, and those aches in your legs, lower back, wrists and frost-bitten extremities will eventually abate.

The alternative is not to shovel and let the snow pile high which makes movement difficult.  Do not allow yourself to get trapped by the snow in life. Even if you have to ask someone to help you shovel make sure you do so. If you live  in a condominium where others always shovel the snow for you, make sure to appreciate their efforts and thank your dry cleaner as well for getting rid of the salt stains from the puddles in the underground parking lot.   No one escapes the winter!!!





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