Giving the customer their due!

Temptation - The Gold Medal BurgerPhoto: Courtesy of Liz Manikas @Big Boys Scarborough, Ontario

The Gold Medal Burger.
Our 1/2 lb. burger topped with HOME-MADE slow-roasted Pulled Pork, crispy onion strings, cheese, coleslaw and roasted garlic aioli.

This burger pic crossed my path this morning. I had not yet had breakfast and this photo got my mouth-watering.  It looks like it could do some damage – but oh what delicious damage it would be. This burger creation reminded me of how hard my cousins at Big Boys work to bring their customer the best experience possible.  A few months back they began experimenting with their burgers; concocting delicious new burger temptations.  The customers now flock to this Scarborough eatery to sample the new creations of Liz and Chris.

In any business ultimately the customer pays the wages and so their satisfaction is tantamount to success. I know that each burger created by BIG BOYS is a work of art delivered up for consumption. The owners of this business treat all their customers with a degree of warmth and welcoming that makes them feel comfortable for those few minutes of interaction and makes for a great meal.

I look at my own business practice and know that I feel best when the customer leaves happy. The hardest thing is to stay energized enough to deliver the same service to all. The customer who walks through your door is always owed their due.  Unless they are interfering with your business they should be afforded every courtesy and measure of service available. The old adage of the customer always being right, although not completely true, is close enough to be adhered too in most situations. The customer deserves 100% and when you are not delivering then refocus and give them their due!

Until next time…..dreaming of this burger..


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