A port in any storm…


A perfect Sunday afternoon.

Port is not for the very young, the vain and the active. It is the comfort of age and the companion of the scholar and the philosopher.
-Evelyn Waugh

I am neither young, active or vain so it is only fitting to wax philosophically on Vinho do Porto, or Port Wine or just Port if you prefer. It was in my late youth that I discovered Port and since those halcyon days it has been a worthwhile companion and confidante on many occasions.

Port is a wine that has been made and the fortified with a grape distillate called aguardente that stops further fermentation and increases the alcohol percentage.  Port is then aged in traditional oak casks or in bottles and results in a wonderful libation for consumption.  Port, must come from the Douro valley of Northern Portugal to be considered Port and has a European Union Protected Designation of Origin to delineate its historical origins and significance. Port is a sweet drink as the fermentation is halted midway by the fortification process and is an excellent aperitif.

The brilliant structure of Port pairs well with cheeses and tangy fruits.  It is a great companion to a great cigar as it magnifies the tobacco’s exquisite flavours.

Although port can be drank in volume do remember it packs a punch containing 16-20% alcohol.  I‘ll let you decide on this drink for yourself. Buy a bottle and sit and enjoy a glassful one evening.

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