On giving thanks

Life gives and gives and sometimes we have to take notice and give thanks.

I must give thanks to the guy last night in the “suped-up” mustang with the German flags on both windows who had to race ahead for the last parking spot in front of Subway.  I guess the Germans are hungrier than the Greeks – we’ll see!  I must give thanks to the kid the working the counter at Subway who gave me extra onions on my sub.  The onions at midnight make for weird dreams.  Special thanks to the eighth Bell technicians who finally moved my modem out of the basement yesterday in order to stabilize my wi-fi.  All these years my supplication and indication that this would resolve the issue fell on deaf ears.  Thank-you to the imp who moved my Greek coffee to parts unknown in my cabinet.  I really needed a strong Greek brew this morning but you saved my neurons the excess stimulation.  Thank-you to my weakened eyes for pouring ginger instead of cinnamon in my espresso.  When i added the cinnamon it made for a interesting concoction.  Thanks to the construction guy with the stop/go slow sign who had me waiting for at least a minute before he woke up and realized there was no need to have me waiting.  Thanks to the the high-school girl in the too short skirt who had the attention of the guy in front of me to the point that he had slowed to 25km in a 50km zone nearly getting rear ended by the pick-up truck in front of me which I in turn would have rear ended.  Thank-you to the pedestrian who felt they could sprint across four lanes of traffic not an intersection and almost getting clipped by the old guy who had now sped up to 60km in a 50km zone.  Thanks to a-hole who egged my front door at work – I needed to clean the glass anyways.


Most of all – thanks to my wife for a kiss good-bye this morning and the gentle smile of my beautiful baby girl as she lay sleeping soundly in here crib as I left.

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