A little hemlock

A guy walks into a bar, orders a drink and stares at if for half an hour. The guy next to him.  A burly, tattoed giant of man grabs the drink fro him and gulps it down slamming the glass down on the bar afterwards.  The poor despondent man begins to wails, tears running down his cheeks.

The biker-looking man says “Hey, I’m sorry I was just joking.  Here’s $10 grab yourself a double.  No man should cry over a drink.”

“Hey, it’s not that. Today has been the worst day in my forty years on this planet. On the way to work I ran a stop sign by mistake and got a $300 fine.  I was late so the the boss canned me.  I pack my office stuff up but when I go to leave my car has been towed away for no stickers.  I grab a cab home and forget my wallet in it.  When I finally get in the house I find my wife making out with the plumber who was supposed to be fixing my leaky shower. I start walking to this bar and the same cop who pulled me over this morning tickets me for jay-walking.  And now after getting the courage up to kill myself you drank the rat poison I was going to drink.

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