Some Bar Humour!…Laugh if you must!

A roman guy walks into a bar, raises 2 fingers and says, ” Can I have 5 beers please ?


Bill Gates walks into a bar and everyone inside becomes a millionaire, on average.

And now for our feature joke!

A man walks into a bar on the top floor of a tall building and has a seat on an empty stool next to a guy with glasses. Our guy orders a beer, looks to his barstool neighbor and makes eye contact, lifts his pint in a silent toast, and enjoys a healthy swig.

“You know,” interrupts the guy with glasses, “today is a rare and extraordinary day in terms of astronomy, geology, and physics.”

“Huh?” says our guy, baffled.

The other guy continues, “No — seriously. Hear me out. All of the planets in the solar system are in PERFECT alignment today. Absolutely perfect — and THAT, my friend, means that for today and today only…gravity has reduced strength.”

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard,” returns our guy as he takes another large gulp of his beer.

“I’ll prove it,” says the stranger. The stranger signals our guy to follow him over to the window. The stranger than unlatches the window and both men look out and down at the tremendous height. The stranger then jumps out the window. Much to our guy’s shock, the stranger — as if he were a feather — gently floats down toward the ground.

Once he gingerly makes contact with the pavement, the stranger waves back up towards our disbelieving guy, reenters the building and rides the elevator back to the top floor. Upon seeing the stranger reenter the bar, our guy resolves to try this amazing feat for himself.

He jumps out the window and quickly falls to his immediate death.

The man with glasses returns to his barstool and orders a whiskey. The bartender shakes his head and mutters, “you can be a real jerk when you’re drunk, Superman.”

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