All tequila is not the same!

Several years back, a good friend of mine who is also a liquor brand representative introduced me to one of the best tequila brands I have ever tasted, Tres Generaciones. This distillate is not your university/college shoot it back and make a face tequila. It is the artistic expression of the master distiller who took the agave and created a liquid tapestry to be admired. The tequila in all its iterations is to be enjoyed slowly like a favourite scotch or bourbon. It is subtly sweet with some smoke. There is a tequila flavour but not what most expect.

The oak finishing is evident in the vanilla flavours which blend with the smoke. The Blue Agave reveals caramel hints and in the Anejo version the amber hue begs to be swirled in a nice glass watching the play of light on the liquid in the glass.

Anyone I have offered Tres Generaciones to has being splendidly surprised by it’s mellow yet complex flavouring and smooth finish. It’s presently not available in our area but will be back soon. I am hoarding some for special occasions.

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