Tomorrow is a promise…

The power of the message. I posted this a few weeks back and still chuckle when some customers finally seize the message. Tomorrow is only a promise we diligently make to ourselves. We too often put off something today for a later date or time. Now is always the best time, especially when it comes to reaching out to friends to reconnect. Send a message, make a call. You never know what tomorrow may bring. After all these years many of my patrons are more than that and when I don’t see them for a while I wonder. I reach out and check-up because they are part of the fabric of my business and more than patrons. I have many elderly patrons who have been around for over thirty-five years. They were younger when we first met than I am now. Conversations used to be about sports, women, and politics and now it’s about new pains, medications, scans, and specialists. Such is life. Live it today. Tomorrow is only a promise.

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