Everything in Moderation

All things in moderation, including moderation….Socrates

The philosophers of Ancient Greece had quotes for everything. Like modern mixologists their words were meant to intoxicate the listener with universal knowledge.

Socrates was Plato’s instructor, and the student, although not forgetting his teacher’s admonition on moderation contributed two drachmas of his own belief on the most important of beverages beer.

As a barkeep I serve the customer and try to entertian them while they are in my venue. Almost four decades of pouring pints however has given me insight into the dark side as well as the light side of the human condition. Those who partake perhaps too plenty of the hop on a regular basis are addicted. They need the buzz. This is a such a sad state to observe. It’s my own personal moral decision not to overserve people; especially the ones who feel they need a drink. I also serve a lot of recovering alcoholics coffee and softdrinks. They make me proud and aware of the power of the human heart and mind to triumph in many situations. Sometimes a good conversation and coffee is all they need to keep them away from another drink.

I’ve known people while in the abyss of their alcohol dependency and as sober citizens. There is no universality to character change. Some who were demons before are just as demonic. Others have become 180 degree versions of their former selves. What is universal is the struggle. It’s not an instant STOP. Relapses are common for some but the fight is daily to stay away from the alcohol.

Socrates statement on admonition is uiversally significant in all parts of our lives. We need more of Socrates advice ane perhaps one of Plato’s pints from time to time to enjoy our journey through this world.

Remember, there are no perfect people.

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